State of New York
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)

nyserdaNYSERDA is a is a public benefit corporation created in 1975 by the New York State Legislature.  NYSERDA derives its basic research revenues from an assessment on the intrastate sales of New York State's investor-owned electric and gas utilities, and voluntary annual contributions by the New York Power Authority and the Long Island Power Authority. Additional research dollars come from limited corporate funds. Some 400 NYSERDA research projects help the State's businesses and municipalities with their energy and environmental problems. Since 1990, NYSERDA has successfully developed and brought into use more than 170 innovative, energy-efficient, and environmentally beneficial products, processes, and services.

NYSERDA’s transportation programs are designed to provide funding opportunities for projects, and innovative research and development initiatives that reduce emissions, improve air-quality, and reduce our dependency on imported oil. The programs are designed to promote business development, protect the environment, increase energy reliability, and enhance a competitive transportation-energy market.  NYSERDA's Alternative Fuel vehicle programs are designed to implement projects that maximize the environmental, energy, and economic benefits of introducing clean-fueled vehicles into fleets. These programs encourage public and private fleets to implement strategies to introduce alternative fuel vehicles, related infrastructures, and biofuels at both the state and local levels to improve the State's water and air quality.  The Alternative-Fuel Program provides financial assistance and technical information to encourage fleets to purchase alternative-fuel vehicles (AFVs) and install fueling facilities or charging stations. Vehicles powered by natural gas, propane, and electricity, including certain hybrid-electric vehicles, are eligible under most of the programs NYSERDA offers.

Specific NYSERDA programs that help fund low and zero-emission transportation solutions include:

  • The Hydrogen Technology Development and Demonstration Program, whose objective is to help support hydrogen technology development and demonstration projects for commercially viable applications.
  • The Private Ferry Emissions Reduction Program, which requests applications from private ferry operators for emission control technology that reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) for ferries operating in New York Harbor.
  • The New York State Clean-Fueled Bus Program,
    which provides funds to state and local transit agencies, municipalities, and schools for up to 100% of the incremental cost of new alternative-fuel buses and associated infrastructure.

  • The Flexible Technical (Flex-Tech) Assistance Program,
    through which fleet managers can evaluate the feasibility and cost of adding AFVs and fueling facilities to their operations. Low-cost training for vehicle mechanics is available through certified institutions.

NYSERDA funds its projects through competitive solicitations, which are issued periodically throughout each year. Check NYSERDA’s "Funding Opportunities" page for the latest information on past, current and planned solicitations.

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