Zero-Emission Transportation Solutions

Vehicle owners and operators who want to make a contribution to environmental improvement can take advantage of an expanding range of zero-emission transportation solutions. These are vehicles and related systems that produce no harful emissions at the point of vehicle operation.

This section of the TransPower website describes the zero-emission transportation solutions available to today's vehicle owners and fleet operators. These solutions range from advanced rail systems, which build on rail technologies used for more than 100 years, to the most advanced battery-electric and hydrogen-fueled vehicles. The transportation industry is seeing rapid advances in technologies relating to batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen internal combustion engines, hydrogen production, and hydrogen storage techniques. The descriptions presented in this section of the TransPower website address the most significant of these technology advances, and their implications for vehicle owners and operators seeking zero-emission transportation solutions.

TransPower can provide technical and business planning support for vehicle operators that desire additional information on these technologies. TransPower also assists suppliers in developing and marketing their zero-emission technologies and products. TransPower's Preferred Supplier Network includes some of the leading companies offering vehicles, drive systems, components, and other products related to zero-emission transportation, and provides a starting point for vehicle operators interested in identifying potential suppliers.

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