Investment Banks

There are several investment banks that specialize in raising money for companies involved in the transportation sector.  Some of these banks also have groups focused on alternative energy sources, and have specific experience related to low and zero-emission transportation solutions.  Some of the investment banks best qualified to help zero-emission transportation companies raise capital include:

While investment banks are best known for dealing with investments in large, public companies, companies at all stages should consider utilizing an investment bank to assist in fund-raising efforts.  Investment banks have strong relationships with individual investors, venture capital (VC) firms, and institutional investors.  They can provide valuable assistance in developing business plans and capital-raising strategies.  In addition, being represented by a reputable investment bank usually increases the credibility of a company attempting to raise capital.  In some cases, even early-VC stage companies can benefit from a relationship with an investment bank.  TransPower recommends that companies seeking to raise capital contact at least two or three investment banks, if nothing else for informal guidance, before going directly to investors.  Investment banks can provide valuable guidance regarding valuation expectations and other critical factors, potentially saving businesses and entrepreneurs millions of dollars.

TransPower personnel have extensive experience dealing with investment banks, and can assist TransPower client-partners in selecting and contacting investment banks, either to provide advice or to raise capital.


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