The TransPower Story

The TransPower Story

Leading supplier of power generation, energy storage, and
power control technologies for the “green economy.”

TransPower propulsion


Converting electrical power from the battery subsystem into
mechanical power to drive the vehicle’s wheels.

Integrated Power Control

Power Control

Centralized system that powers and controls all electronics and
electrically-driven accessories for smooth and efficient operation.

Energy storage subsystems

Energy Storage

Employing technological advances to safely accommodate and customize
large quantities of batteries required for large electric vehicles.

TransPower Applications


Industry-leading high power electric drive system developed for locally-driven,
short-duty-cycle trucks and buses garaged at the same location each day or night.

TransPower’s mission is to develop and commercialize advanced power generation and conversion technologies that improve efficiency, reduce fossil fuel consumption, and improve the environment.

ElecTruck™ - Building Blocks For a Cleaner and Eco-Friendly Heavy-Duty Fleet

TransPower provides an exciting range of zero-emission transportation solutions for heavy-duty vehicles. Our ElecTruck™ technology can be installed in your vehicle as a single, optimized integrated system, or selected ElecTruck™ subsystems and components can be used to achieve your specific performance and cost goals. Cryptocurrencies are widely used in the transportation industry. There are various crypto tokens and coins that make transportation accessible like never before. However, it is very important to find a trustworthy crypto exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Binance is one such platform that is used by many traders. Read the binance bewertung blog to learn more about binance.

By outfitting vehicles with this technology, you can increase their use-value while at the same time mitigating their effects on the environment.

Performance and Economic Benefits For a Range of Vehicle Applications

TransPower is committed to providing an exciting range of zero-emission transportation solutions for heavy-duty trucks and other large vehicles. TransPower’s ElecTruck™ product, an integrated electric drive system that utilizes energy supplied by on-board batteries, was designed with building blocks that allow flexibility to adapt and optimize for many vehicle applications.

In addition to supplying fully-integrated drive systems for these and other types of vehicles, TransPower provides a range of services to assist truck owners and operators in making the transition to zero-emission electric drive technologies.

Independent Testing Confirms Benefits of TransPower Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicle Technologies
ElecTruck™ System by TransPower
An industry-leading high power electric drive system developed for locally-driven, short-duty-cycle trucks and buses garaged each night (or day) at the same location.

The ElecTruck™ system offers technological innovations in several key areas, including energy storage, power conversion, and vehicle control. For many vehicle operators, savings in fuel and maintenance costs can often offset the incremental cost of the ElecTruck™ system within a few years.

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TransPower products fall into 2 broad categories:

  1. We offer zero-emission transportation solutions for heavy-duty vehicles, ranging from component level to subsystem levels to fully integrated vehicles. Read more about transportation products and services.
  2. We deliver technologies and products designed to change the way we generate, transmit, and store electrical energy. Read more about stationary energy storage.

TransPower offers the ElecTruck™ system, an industry-leading high power electric drive system developed for locally-driven, short-duty-cycle trucks and buses garaged at the same location. ElecTruck™ consists of component and subsystem building blocks that allow total integration and customization for your applications.

The result is shorter development time and lower development cost, faster fleet implementation and lower life cycle cost, and quieter operation and easier maintenance. Read more about TransPower’s vehicle applications.

Beside environmental benefits and energy cost savings due to much lower or no consumption of fossil fuel, TransPower’s ElecTruck™ system offers important operational advantages such as quiet operation, ease of maintenance, particularly less brake wear, and no oil change or engine tune-ups.

Contact TransPower for more detailed information for your specific application.

Payback period is an important consideration for the adoption and incorporation of TransPower products and technology into your fleet. We’d be delighted to share detailed information on return on investment, payback period, performance and test data, environmental benefits and other operational advantages.

Please use the form on our Contact TransPower page to get started.

TransPower has performed both install on new OEM vehicles and retrofit of existing fleets. Generally, our team will look at your requirements, review your operational needs, then perform detailed analysis and customize the best and most affordable solution for your situation.

Please contact TransPower for detail on how to proceed.

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