Preferred Supplier Network

TransPower is unique in that we offer referrals to suppliers of zero-emission transportation solutions through our "Preferred Supplier Network," and provide contact information for each of these supplier-partners free of charge.  Supplier-partners in the Preferred Supplier Network are companies whose products and services TransPower believes have the potential to help reduce transportation emissions to zero or near-zero levels.  Our client-partners are free to use TransPower's website or other publicly accessible resources to identify potential suppliers of zero-emission vehicles and related transportation solutions, without obligation to TransPower.  TransPower benefits by developing and sustaining long-term relationships with our supplier-partners and client-partners, which enables us to step in when needed to provide guidance and expertise, including objective analyses and recommendations that are not influenced by the desire to sell a particular product or service.  TransPower's sole bias is in favor of vehicles and systems that produce zero emissions or near-zero emissions.

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