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Hydrogenis Corporation

Hydrogenics Corporation is a leading global developer of clean energy solutions, advancing the Hydrogen Economy by commercializing hydrogen and fuel cell products.  Hydrogenics is a supplier of fuel cells and, through its recent acquisition of Stuart Energy,a supplier of on-site electrolysis systems for producing hydrogen.

Hydrogenics hydrogen refueling dispenser.

In the area of fuel cells, Hydrogenics' offers HyPM® proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell power modules and integrated power package for mobility and backup power applications.  Hydrogenics' power products offer compelling value propositions for today's hydrogen fuel cell markets.  Hydrogenics' versatile fuel cell power modules are the products of choice for many OEMs and system integrators, serving the light mobility and backup power markets.  Hydrogenics also offers a full range of FCATS® fuel cell testing and diagnostics equipment and services for industrial and laboratory research and development.  As Hydrogenics' dedicated division for fuel cell test systems and services, Hydrogenics Test Systems offers the right testing and diagnostic tools to give fuel cell developers the competitive edge they need to advance their technology and products toward commercial markets.

Hydrogenics fuel cells have been used in vehicles ranging from forklifts, manufactured by NACCO Materials Handling Group, to large transit buses, such as a New Flyer 40-foot fuel cell bus that Hydrogenics recently teamed with ISE Corporation to develop.

Hydrogenics is also a world leader in hydrogen infrastructure technology and products supported by over 55 years of world-leadership in the development, manufacturing and installation of onsite hydrogen generation systems for industrial and energy markets.  Hydrogenics' modular HySTAT™ hydrogen generation products, based on water electrolysis, provide onsite hydrogen in multiple configurations to meet varied industrial and energy needs.  Hydrogenics is also developing hydrogen onsite solutions based on natural gas reformation.

Hydrogenics hydrogen refueling stations have been installed in such varied locations as Toyota’s North American Headquarters in Richmond, CA; Sydkraft Headquarters in Malmo, Sweden; BP’s hydrogen refueling station in Barcelona, Spain; and the headquarters of the South Coast Air Quality Management District in Diamond Bar, CA.

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