Hydrogen Storage Systems

The leading suppliers of hydrogen storage systems are generally manufacturers of hydrogen tanks and suppliers of integrated storage systems that include hydrogen tanks.  Quantum and FAB Industries are among the leading hydrogen storage suppliers in this category.  Many other companies, such as ECD Ovonics, are involved in development of metal hydride systems, which provide an alternative means of storing hydrogen.

While at an earlier stage of technological development, the metal-hydride option offers several potential advantages in powering hydrogen-fueled vehicles over other types of systems. Storage density is significantly higher than high-pressure gaseous alternative.  The technology needed to store hydrogen within metal hydrides has gone through hundreds of refilling cycles with minimal performance degradation.  Finally, the metal-hydride system is fully scalable and can be adapted for a variety of mobile tanks as well as larger scale systems for filling-station storage.

TransPower offers expertise and access to the leading suppliers of hydrogen storage solutions, including manufacturers of compressed gas and liquid hydrogen storage systems and leading developers of metal hydride storage technology.


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