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The BOC Group

The BOC Group is one of the largest and most global of the world’s leading gases companies.  For more than a century, BOC’s gases and expertise have contributed to advances in many industries and aspects of everyday life, including steel-making, refining, chemical processing, environmental protection, wastewater treatment, welding and cutting, food processing and distribution, glass production, electronics and health care.

The BOC Group believes that hydrogen will play an increasingly important role in the global energy market.  BOC is a critical component of this transition: it already supplies a large number of customers through an established infrastructure.  BOC also has a deep understanding of the safety issues and can help customers manage technical risks.

BOC's Tel-Tank remote monitoring equipment system

BOC has been supplying hydrogen to a wide range ofcustomers for most of its long history. Now those capabilities are being developed and applied to the new hydrogen energy markets. BOC operates almost a hundred hydrogen plants around the world ranging from large-scale steam methane reformers to small electrolytic plants. Some of these plants are on BOC’s own sites but most are located on or adjacent to customers’ facilities. BOC also operates hydrogen pipeline networks. BOC distributes bulk quantities of hydrogen to its customers as a liquid or a compressed gas, and operates large fleets of liquid tankers and tube trailers for this purpose.  Hydrogen is also available in smaller quantities in manifolded cylinders packs or individual cylinders.  BOC is developing new packages specifically to suit fuel cell applications.

BOC worked closely with BP to build the first hydrogen refueling site in the UK.  This facility supports three Daimler Chrysler fuel cell buses operating in the capital. The BP hydrogen filling station includes an underground liquid hydrogen store that enables it to look just like a traditional gasoline filling station.

BOC’s initiatives in the hydrogen market include investments in Chrysalix and QuestAir, participation in bus trials in London and Sydney, alliances with fuel cell system companies and engagement with influential industry groups. It participates in collaborative development programs and internal R&D programs for innovative catalytic partial oxidation technology, new storage systems, safety standards and novel approaches to small-scale hydrogen production.

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