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Electric Port Trucks

TransPower is developing an electric drive system for large Class 8 trucks that haul cargo containers to and from the world's seaports. TransPower is presently focused on developing and demonstrating an electric drive system for port drayage trucks - vehicles that transport containers relatively short distances, usually between ports and regional warehouses or intermodal facilities (where containers are transferred between trucks and freight trains). Our goal is to make this "ElecTruck" drive system the most reliable, cost-effective means of eliminating emissions from these vehicles.

Port Handling
Typical container handling operations at a U.S. seaport.

This is an urgent need because port drayage trucks consume large amounts of fuel and produce significant quantities of toxic emissions. This need is most evident at America's largest seaport - California's San Pedro Bay Port complex - which comprises the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach. The area surrounding this port complex has been nicknamed the "Diesel Death Zone" by environmentalists, who are alarmed at the elevated cancer rates and incidences of lung disease among area residents. Much of the pollution in this region is created by the 10,000 drayage trucks that visit the San Pedro Bay Ports in a typical year. In response, the Port of Los Angeles has implemented a "Clean Truck Program," which provides incentives for truck owners and operators to replace older, polluting trucks with newer, cleaner truck models. The Port of LA is also actively supporting the development of new electric truck technologies.

Responding to this need, TransPower is leading a Port Electric Truck Initiative (PETI), whose goal is to demonstrate the first practical electric port truck technology in actual drayage service by the end of 2011. While several companies are experimenting with port trucks using various electric drive components, we believe our management staff and team have the capability to install superior systems into commercial Class 8 trucks, based on our fifteen years of prior experience integrating electric and hybrid-electric drive systems into large trucks, transit buses, and other super-heavy vehicles.

International® ProStar® trucks .

Our PETI team members are all committed to realizing these goals. These companies include ISE Corporation, which will provide engineering support for vehicle integration and will supply electric drive components such as motors, inverters, and high-energy batteries.   Another key team member is Navistar, one of the world's largest truck and truck engine manufacturers, whose products include the the International® ProStar®, the industry's most fuel-efficient Class 8 truck.  Our team's first generation of electric port drayage trucks will be operated at the Ports of LA and Long Beach by Total Transportation Services, Inc., one of the nation's most progressive drayage firms.  Following an initial demonstration in 2011, we intend to move forward rapidly to make affordable ElecTruck drive systems available for port drayage applications worldwide.

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