TransPower’s Cell-Saver™ Battery Management System (BMS) is a unique product that helps to assure the safety and maximum performance of large battery packs in electric and hybrid-electric vehicles.

Product Description

Sophisticated monitoring/balancing boards are connected directly to every 2-4 cells. High processing power enables boards to measure cell voltage and temperature with greater accuracy than competing BMS products (to millivolts). Boards also support active cell balancing by shuffling energy from high to low cells, at unprecedented 3-ampere rate. Cell measurements and balancing algorithms are fully integrated with the vehicle control system to manage batteries in accordance with specific vehicle operating parameters.


Bolt-on feature reduces wiring and integration complexity. System validates that all batteries are within acceptable voltage and temperature limits and provides warnings or de-rated vehicle performance if necessary to protect all the cells. Active balancing is more effective and energy-efficient than passive charge dissipation, which is used by most competing BMS products, and generates less waste heat. The unique combination of attributes of the Cell-Saver™ BMS results in a system that is easy to install, maximizes the usable energy of a battery pack of a given size, and minimizes the time required to recharge and rebalance cells. These benefits collectively help reduce vehicle assembly, maintenance, and energy costs while maximizing operating range and performance capability.

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