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Nth Power is a leading venture capital firm dedicated exclusively to high potential investments resulting from the restructuring of the global energy industry.  Nth Power currently manages over $250 million and an active portfolio of over a dozen companies.  Nth Power invests more than money in emerging energy companies. Nth Power adds value by actively participating in the development of new enterprises, providing critical managerial and strategic support.

Nth Power invests in companies with high growth potential addressing large market opportunities with a proprietary technology or service that meets a significant unmet customer need. We look for opportunities where we can leverage the industry expertise of the Nth Power team and our industry partners.  In reviewing potential investments, Nth Power looks for:

  • Resourceful management teams that know technology and think, speak and act in market and profit terms
  • Realistic market strategies that include a thorough accounting of competitive environments and that project rapid growth.
  • Defensible strategies that maintain marketplace leadership positioning.
  • Profitable exit strategies executable within three to five years.

Ideal businesses have progressed beyond the proof-of-concept, R&D and "seed" funding stages and are on the threshold of introducing commercial products. Nth Power’s initial investment typically ranges from $1-5 million and Nth Power often makes further investments over time. Nth Power receives and reviews business plans from more than 500 energy-related businesses each year and will normally invest in 3 - 6 of these companies.

Nth Power investments related to zero-emission transportation solutions include investments in H2Gen, which was founded exclusively to manufacture low-cost, small-scale hydrogen generators for industrial applications and for the emerging fuel cell vehicle and distributed fuel cell power generation markets; Proton Energy Systems, which develops hydrogen generation products utilizing Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology; and Pentadyne, which designs, manufactures, and markets advanced flywheel power systems that can be used as energy storage devices on low and zero-emission transportation systems.

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