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Inverness Capital Partners

Inverness Capital Partners, part of the Philadelphia based Graham Group of private equity funds and industrial businesses, is a $125 million private equity fund, with offices in Philadelphia and Boston.  Inverness acquires or provides expansion capital to innovative industrial businesses and industrial technology providers.  Inverness invests in companies with proprietary manufacturing technologies or innovative processes across a range of manufacturing industries.  The fund targets businesses with strong sustainable margin potential and with current revenues between $5 million and $50 million. Inverness typically invests between $4 million and $10 million per company, and prefers to lead transactions.

Inverness focuses on companies that serve sizable and rapidly growing industries with unique products and services that are not easily replicated by competitors. Of particular interest are companies with the potential to dominate their market niches through strong intellectual property portfolios (patents, trade secrets, proprietary know-how, exclusive marketing channels, and other barriers to entry).  Inverness seeks situations where it can leverage its extensive acquisition and joint venturing experience to help companies achieve accelerated growth by opening new distribution channels, speeding technology development, broadening product and service offerings, and consolidating fragmented industries.

Inverness focus areas include Energy & Power and Environmental Remediation.

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