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Hydrogen Power Inc. is a Seattle-based company licensed by the University of British Columbia to develop a proprietary method of producing hydrogen called Hydrogen Now™. This patented process safely generates pure hydrogen using one of the most abundant and cost-effective natural resources on earth – aluminum. Hydrogen Now™ combines aluminum, water and an environmentally-friendly catalyst to create a water split reaction – greatly increasing the easy availability of hydrogen throughout the world.

Hydrogen Now™ will enable the world to achieve the environmental benefits of a hydrogen economy because Hydrogen Now™ overcomes the primary safety problems related to hydrogen storage and transportation.

  • produces hydrogen on-site and on-demand
  • uses inexpensive & abundant raw materials
  • produces a 'clean burn' with no harmful emissions
  • operates at safe pressures & temperatures
  • requires no additional energy for the compression of the hydrogen (a costly and complicated requirement of other production methods.)
  • requires no energy consumption for the creation of hydrogen (like natural gas steam reformation and electrolysis)
  • does not require major changes to existing infrastructures (like filling stations) and can be easily adopted by internal combustion engines
Hydrogen Power Inc. patented electrolysis process for hydrogen production.

The Hydrogen Power Inc. (HPI) patented Hydrogen Now TM technology is based on a simple irreversible reaction of aluminum and water. The aluminum "splits" the water freeing the hydrogen and creating a benign byproduct of aluminum hydroxide (non-toxic, non-caustic, and recyclable). HPI’s chemical systems control the hydrogen production through chemistry, allowing for the development of simple, safe, and reliable devices with limited balance of plant requirements. Hydrogen Now TM produces hydrogen free of impurities that can be used directly to power fuel cells or internal combustion engines.

Hydrogen Now™ production systems can effectively solve hydrogen supply and storage problems for portable or stationary hydrogen fueled applications. Hydrogen can be generated on-demand and on-site without reliance on hydrogen reformers, inefficient hydrogen processors, or grid dependent electrolysis units. Hydrogen can be produced to specific rate and pressure requirements, eliminating the need for post production compression and storage.

The Hydrogen Now™ technology is a pollution free method of generating hydrogen gas for the hydrogen economy. The process uses aluminum, any type of water, and catalysts without toxicity or pH concerns. Spent fuel by-products are remaining water and recyclable aluminum hydroxide. The hydrogen produced can be used directly in environmentally benign fuel cell and fossil fuel applications.

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