Hydrogen Delivery Systems
Norsk Hydro Electrolysers

Norsk Hydro Electrolysers, a division of Hydro, is a world-leading supplier of water electrolysis equipment forgenerating hydrogen. Hydro hydrogen generators are used in industrial applications, fuelling stations, and distributed energy systems worldwide.  Hydro has supplied several hundred hydrogen generating units throughout the world, and has extensive experience with them for its own internal applications.  Hydro also supplies complete compression, purification, storage, and gas handling systems for hydrogen — and all Hydro products are based on state-of-the-art technology and internationally recognized safety and technical standards.

Hydro's atmospheric electrolysis system

For the conventional industrial markets which require higher volumes of hydrogen, the atmospheric eectrolyser is normally used where the low energy consumption offers considerable operational savings. Norsk Hydro Electrolysers supplies atmospheric electrolysers that are among the most economic electrolysis systems in the world.  The atmospheric series electrolysers are competitively offered where hydrogen volumes required are in ranges from 60Nm3/h or more. Hydro’s largest single skid mounted electrolyser unit has a production capacity of på 485Nm3/h. Larger volumes are produced by simply adding more cells or additional units.

Hydro's high-pressure electrolysis system

Hydro’s high pressure electrolyser retains the proven technology and simple design common to all its electrolysers, ensuring safe and reliable operation.  The internal gas and lye ducts which form the integrated bipolar cell design provide hazard-free, optimal operation and straightforward maintenance. Hydro electrolysers satisfy stringent environmental and safety requirements and are constructed in accordance with EN regulations, CE labeling, and CE directives.  The pressurized electrolyser plant is mounted on a single skid, complete with automatic control, power supply, and gas purification equipment where required.  Even the largest unit (65 Nm3 /h hydrogen) can be installed on a skid with a footprint similar in size to a 30 feet container. Only utilities such as water, power and nitrogen gas are needed to start up the electrolyser. Due to the easy hook-up and compact design, HPE electrolysers can easily be moved to other locations.

Hydro's hydrogen refueling facility in Hamburg, Germany.

Hydro offers hydrogen fuelling stations based on on-site hydrogen production from electrolysers. These are complete solutions which cover everything from the initial hydrogen production through to the vehicle fuelling dispensing unit.  Hydro’s all-in-one systems include hydrogen generation, power utility systems, gas purification, gas compression, hydrogen storage systems, fuel gas dispenser systems, and control systems.  Hydro is a partner in the CEP-Berlin project whose aim is to demonstrate clean energy through the use of hydrogen as fuel for cars and buses.  A hydrogen filling station opened in November 2004 and the hydrogen fuelling is fully integrated in a commercial gasoline station in Messedamm, Berlin.

An electrolytic hydrogen fuel station from Hydro has been in operation in Reykjavik since April 2003. It has provided fuel for three public transport buses in scheduled service.  In 2006 it will deliver hydrogen for three buses as well as hydrogen for stationary applications.

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