Hydrogen Delivery Systems
Air Liquide

Air Liquide is the world leader in industrial and medical gases and related services.  Air Liquide’s core business is to supply oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and many other gases and services to most industries (for example: steel, oil refining, chemicals, glass, electronics, healthcare, food processing, metallurgy, paper and aerospace).  A major actor in the hydrogen market, Air Liquide is committed to develop hydrogen as a clean energy source.

With some 40 units around the world, Air Liquide produces3 billion cubic meters of hydrogen a year. The Group's largest unit in Antwerp (Belgium) produces 10,000 kg of hydrogen an hour. The Caojing unit near Shanghai started producing in 2005.  Air Liquide supplies hydrogen to its large customers (refineries, steel plants, petrochemical plants, etc.) via pipeline. Covering over 1,700 kilometers, Air Liquide's hydrogen pipeline system is the largest in the world.

For on-site hydrogen production, Air Liquide’s HYOS Generators, using electrolysis technology, provide the best energy efficiency in the industry with 3.9 kWh/m³ (10.3 kWh/100 scf) and can deliver hydrogen at high pressure (10 barg) without the use of compressors. It covers hydrogen needs from 1.25 Nm³/h to 120 Nm³/h at purity level up to 99,9998 % thanks to its system's deoxo-drier.  Moreover, HYOS Generators can supply Oxygen by-product (purity 99.5 %). It uses Vandenborre hydrogen systems unique inorganic membrane technology.

Thanks to HYOS Flexibility and its Modular design, Air Liquide can select the best installation that meets user demand, regardless of flow variation.  In case of permanent change requirements, the capacity of the system can be updated.  Truck Deliveries are reduced to the back-up use only.

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