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Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc.

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. is the established world leader in the design, development, manufacturing and commercializing of hydrogen and alternative gaseous fuel management systems for global markets serving motor vehicles, off-road vehicles, stationary engines and high altitude aircraft. Quantum engineers have been responsible for the design, development, validation and certification of entire gaseous fuel systems including fuel storage, fuel transfer, fuel metering, electronics and software controls for major OEMs globally, resulting in over 18,000 OEM hydrogen and alternative fuel systems sold worldwide.

Schematic of Quantum hydrogen tank system.

Quantum has developed its TriShield™ all-composite hydrogen storage cylinders for both automotive and bus applications. Quantum has certified its rugged, ultra-lightweight hydrogen storage systems for service pressures up to 10,000 psi to improve the range and safety of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The TriShield™ cylinder is comprised of a seamless, one-piece, permeation resistant, cross-linked ultra-high molecular weight polymer liner that is over wrapped with multiple layers of carbon fiber/epoxy laminate and a proprietary external protective layer for impact resistance. Quantum’s TriShield™ design features a single-boss opening to minimize leak paths.

Quantum's all-composite TriShield™ storage systems are 70 percent lighter in weight than conventional steel tanks for the same rated pressure. Hydrogen storage systems for buses are available in modular designs to meet customer requirements with capacities of 20 to 50 kg of stored hydrogen.  Quantum’s advanced hydrogen storage systems can be found today in light-duty vehicles, transit buses, aerospace applications, and uninterruptible power supply systems.  The markets for these systems appear to be growing.  In addition to the automotive and bus markets, there is growing interest in stationary and, especially, hydrogen refueling infrastructure applications.

Quantum also specializes in portable and transportable hydrogen refueling systems for demonstration and test fleets. Quantum hydrogen refueling systems are user-friendly, compact, compatible with SAE and California Fuel Cell Partnership refueling protocols, and allow for data collection and analysis. The design approach was to focus on the transitional phase of the hydrogen economy by providing the hydrogen refueling solutions to support the introduction of fuel cell vehicles. Quantum refuelers are a cost-effective solution for the emerging fuel cell vehicle market as the major automakers push toward commercialization and as large scale refueling stations are installed.

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