Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles

Combining care for the environment with driving joy Mazda is developing unique technologies to create vehicles that combine care for the environment with even more of the Zoom-Zoom spirit. These technologies include further evolution of the RENESIS hydrogen rotary engine for widespread practical application, and further advancement of hybrid systems.

Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE is a hydrogen-powered rotary engine vehicle incorporating the dual fuel system to allow use with both hydrogen and gasoline. The latest prototype features automatic transmission and an extended cruising range thanks to a larger high-pressure hydrogen tank and enhanced fuel-efficiency technologies. The flick of a switch - even while driving - engages gasoline mode and this mode switching occurs automatically when the hydrogen supply is exhausted.

Mazda hydrogen-powered
concept car.

The RENESIS hydrogen rotary engine employs Mazda-developed RE technology to achieve high power output with lower emissions. In particular, electronicallycontrolled direct gas injection and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) assure the same reliability and ease of use in hydrogen mode as in gasoline mode. What’s more, only minimal modifications to the engine and chassis were required for use with hydrogen fuel. In addition, a dual fuel system is adopted featuring a high-pressure hydrogen tank as well as a gasoline tank, allowing the driver to freely switch between hydrogen and gasoline fuels as circumstances dictate.

To take the hydrogen rotary engine places it's never been before, Mazda redesigned the engine for use with FF vehicles, and integrated the Hydrogen RE with a hybrid system. The highvoltage battery is located beneath the second-row seats while the high-pressure hydrogen tank is beside the third row seat. This allows the HRE-based hybrid system to achieve both outstanding environmental performance and a comfortably roomy interior.

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