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Transrapid International is a partnership established between the German companies Siemens and ThyssenKrupp for the purpose of developing and commercializing MAGLEV technology.  In its possession are the know-how and competence for the entire Transrapid system as well as the management experience to realize major projects in high quality, on time and within budget. This makes Transrapid International the competent partner for the Transrapid MAGLEV System.

Transrapid test vehicle and track in Emsland, Germany.

In 1979, operation of the world's first maglev train with longstator propulsion (Transrapid 05) was licensed for passenger transportation at the International Transportation Exhibition (IVA 79) in Hamburg.  During the three-week exhibition, the Transrapid 05 carried more than 50,000 passengers in scheduled operation.  This achievement was followed in the 1980s by development of more advanced MAGLEV systems, Transrapid 06 and 07.  In December 1989, Transrapid 07 achieved a speed of 436 km/hr.

Transrapid technology development and demonstrations continued throughout the 1990s.  Transrapid International was formed in May 1998.  In August 1999, the pre-production, prototype vehicle, Transrapid 08, was delivered to the Transrapid Test Facility in Emsland (TVE).

The first commercially-operated Transrapid system was built in Shanghai and commenced commercial operations in December 2003.  The Shanghai Transrapid system achieved a speed of 501 km/hr (311 mph), setting a new speed record for rail systems.
In 2005, the U.S. Congress authorized funding for initial planning for two Transrapid systems.  One system is planned to link the cities of Las Vegas and Primm, Nevada.  A second system is planned for one of three locations in the eastern U.S.: Pittsburgh, Atlanta, or the Baltimore-Washington DC corridor.

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