VP, Advanced Technologies

Dr. Scott is Vice President, Advanced Technologies for TransPower, a position he has held since January 2011.  In this capacity, Dr. Scott advises the CEO on technology development priorities, oversees all technology development activities, and manages selected programs of critical importance to the Company.  Dr. Scott is TransPower’s most senior employee in terms of total years of professional experience, having worked as an engineer, program manager, and college professor with numerous organizations since receiving his first degree from MIT in 1958.  Dr. Scott has also collaborated with TransPower CEO more or less continuously since the mid-1990s, including five years during which both were senior executives with ISE Corporation.

Prior to joining TransPower, Dr. Scott served as Chief Scientific Officer at ISE, which for 15 years was a leading developer of electric and hybrid-electric vehicle technologies for the transit bus industry.  In this capacity, Dr. Scott oversaw all scientific research at ISE from 2000 through the end of 2010.  In addition, Paul personally managed selected high risk, high payoff R&D projects.  From 2006 through 2010, Dr. Scott was a leader in ISE’s development of advanced battery energy storage systems.

In addition to his industry-leading battery expertise, Dr. Scott is one of the world’s leading experts in hydrogen fuel systems.  He was the driving force behind ISE’s development of its pioneering line of fuel cell hybrid buses, which began with ISE’s development of a 30-foot hybrid fuel cell bus in 2001-02. Before joining ISE, Paul was the on-site engineer for the Xerox/Clean Air Now Solar Hydrogen Project, where he developed and personally drove a hydrogen-powered truck daily for three years.  He has also participated in programs including representing Stuart Energy in development of hydrogen infrastructure and with the California Fuel Cell Partnership, coordinating the installation of numerous fueling stations.

Dr. Scott’s patent credits include the topical areas of x-ray imaging, fluid mechanics, uranium isotope separation, solar energy, and alternative fueled engine development. His publishing credits include reviewed journals such as the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Journal of Chemical Physics, and most recently the Fuel Cell Review.

Dr. Scott received degrees through Dr. of Science in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, served on the professorial staffs of MIT and the University of Southern California, and has consulted with over twenty corporations and technical institutes.  Dr. Scott is also a Board Member of Energy Independence Now.