TransPower Approach

TransPower's approach is to help transportation providers select the right zero-emission transportation solutions (ZETS) for their vehicle fleets, and to work as a partner with these transportation providers (TransPower "client-partners") to secure funding and the right products and services to implement their ZETS vision.  TransPower also helps suppliers of ZETS technologies and products (TransPower "supplier-partners") develop markets and find customers.  TransPower helps bring suppliers and customers together by providing free referrals to TransPower's ever-expanding Preferred Supplier Network (PSN), a network of supplier-partners offering the "latest and greatest" ZETS technologies and products.

Relying on both in-house expertise and strategic partnerships with transportation technology suppliers, TransPower offers our client-partners a "one-stop shop" for evaluating and implementing a broad range of zero-emission transportation solutions (ZETS), including:

Once a client-partner has selected the right zero-emission transportation solution(s) for its fleet, TransPower can work closely with the client-partner to identify sources of funding for implementing a demonstration project or full-scale adoption of ZETS.  TransPower can also help facilitate contacts with supplier-partners in TransPower's Preferred Supplier Network and, when necessary, can provide systems engineering, project management, and general consulting support through all phases of ZETS implementation.

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