Services Offered

To assist each of our client-partners in evaluating and implementing the right zero-emission transportation solutions (ZETS) for their particular situation, TransPower offers the following services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental and economic assessment of alternative transportation solutions
  • Integrated systems engineering approach to defining transportation requirements
  • Preliminary and detailed design of selected transportation architectures
  • Assistance in acquiring public grants to fund zero-emission transportation solutions
  • Free referrals and "one-stop" access to manufacturers of vehicles, drive systems, and infrastructure elements
  • Assistance in creating educational and advertising campaigns to promote awareness of zero-emission vehicles and their benefits
  • Data collection, analysis, and reporting
  • Project management

To provide this broad array of services, TransPower employs a network of ZETS consultants and industry partners, each focused on a specific area related to ZETS implementation.

In addition, TransPower offers valuable services to the supplier-partners in our Preferred Supplier Network, including:

  • Free referrals to potential customers
  • Assistance in developing business plans
  • Assistance in acquiring public grants and private investment capital to fund development, demonstration, and manufacturing of zero-emission transportation solutions
  • Assistance in developing themes and concepts for advertising and trade shows
  • Assistance in recruiting key employees

TransPower’s principals have a demonstrated track record in creating and growing advanced transportation businesses, and have valuable contacts throughout the transportation and banking industries.  Members of the TransPower Preferred Supplier Network (PSN) can access this experience and benefit from these contacts, according to the needs of each particular supplier, through their PSN affiliation with TransPower.

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