Mission and History

TransPower’s mission is to become a leading supplier of power generation, energy storage, and power control technologies for the “green economy.”

TransPower. R&D. Product development. Demonstration projects. Manufacturing and production.

Mission and History

Since its establishment in 2010, TransPower has established itself as a market leader in adapting battery-electric technologies to large vehicles, and is on its way to demonstrating similar success in the stationary energy storage market.

TransPower has already shown that its ElecTruck™ system outperforms all competing systems in a variety of the most demanding heavy-duty vehicles including the largest Class 8 (33,000+ lb.) on-road trucks, yard tractors, port cargo handling vehicles, and school buses.

TransPower is a technologically diverse company, having brought together experts from many fields of electric vehicle and battery research under an experienced management team. TransPower designs and manufactures a variety of electronic and mechanical products that enable batteries, motors, and other components to work together in integrated systems, and then customizes those integrated systems to work in different vehicles or stationary environments.

Flexibly designed, these systems enable TransPower to utilize different types of batteries, motors, and other components to meet the requirements of different vehicles or stationary sites, while using common assembly techniques and integration hardware and software to achieve commonality and economies of scale.

From 2011 through 2014, TransPower secured a total of approximately $20 million in funding for various R&D, product development, and demonstration projects.