Hydrogen Risk Management Network

The Hydrogen Risk Management Network (HYRMAN) is a partnership between TransPower and several leading insurance companies whose mission is to meet the special insurance needs of companies and other organizations involved in hydrogen production, storage, and utilization.  HYRMAN advisors work with such entities and their existing insurance brokers to evaluate their insurance needs and to develop insurance programs that reduce insurance costs and/or fill insurance needs that these organizations may have difficulty in meeting.

Quotations for alternative insurance solutions can be arranged through HYRMAN via CRC Insurance Services (“CRC”), one of the leading wholesale insurance brokers in the U.S.  TransPower and CRC have assembled a network of leading insurance carriers that are knowledgeable about the opportunities and risks related to the emerging “Hydrogen Economy.”  In rating hydrogen-related risks, it is important to be able to separate “myth” from “reality.”  TransPower, CRC, and its HYRMAN insurance partners have the collective expertise to understand the real risks faced by producers and users of hydrogen and hydrogen-related equipment, and to help such organizations manage their risks in the most comprehensive and cost-effective way possible.

The HYRMAN has a special focus on the following activities:

  • Hydrogen production, storage, and transportation.
  • Manufacturing of hydrogen tanks, plumbing, and safety equipment.
  • Development and manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen-burning engines.
  • Manufacturing, integration, and operation of fuel cell and other hydrogen-fueled vehicles.
  • Manufacturing, integration, and operation of hydrogen refueling facilities.

While these are HYRMAN focus areas, the HYRMAN will work with any organization involved in high-risk R&D, manufacturing, or operations.  To learn more, please contact the HYRMAN via TransPower at [email protected], or at (760) 432-9275.


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